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Clive Barrett is a Yorkshire-born artist and illustrator, now living in Gloucestershire. He has an interest in many varieties of pagan themes. Three of Clive’s paintings are hanging in the Temple, depicting Odin the Wayfarer, Thor in his Goat-Drawn Chariot and Tyr Binding Fenris Wolf. His medium is acrylic on canvas. For more examples of the artist’s work, check out his website at

Sam Flegal is a prize-winning artist and illustrator, from Nashville, Tennessee. He has also shown a great interest in depicting Norse mythological themes in his art, as well as science fiction scenes. Sam works in oil on canvas. His painting, Frigg, Lady of Secrets, is a truly stunning work of art. To see more examples of his work, view

Karen Devereux is a Lincolnshire-based artist. Her paintings are coloured ink on paper. Karen has two of her paintings hanging in the Temple, that of Eir, Goddess of Healing and of Frey, Lord of the Harvest. Karen’s previous works include illustrations on the theme of the green man, and drawings inspired by medieval religious art, though she also paints landscape paintings too. Her website is

John Palmer - The lovely painting of Freya of the Brisangamen was produced by this Newark-based artist. John works in pastels on canvas, and his subjects include scenes based on Northern re-enactments, Mediterranean dancing, Nature and wildlife. To see more of his work, view his website at